The International Conference
Crossroad of Languages and Cultures

The 4th 'Crossroads of Languages and Cultures' is dedicated to 'Multilingual Educational Approaches and Language Policies' and to the 10 years of the Joint Greek-French Postgraduate Programme “Didactiques du plurilinguisme et politiques linguistiques - Diffusion des langues et cultures en contexte multilingue”, a cooperation between the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Maine, France.
The themes of the 4th Crossroads are:

  1. Teaching approaches of multilingualism: translanguaging, multiliteracies, technologies and language education
  2. Language policies within and outside Europe: dealing with contemporary challenges

It will take place on 2-3 June 2016 in the Tower of the Faculty of Pedagogy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Previous Conferences "Crossroad of Languages and Cultures"

The 3rd International CLC: 'Issues of By/Multilingualism, Translanguaging and Language Policies in Education' was held in 2012 at the Tower of the Faculty of Education of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and focussed on the investigation of language borders and transcend issues of bilingualism and code-switching, moving towards issues of translanguaging and language policies in education. The conference was organised in two thematic axes: (a) Bi/multilingualism and translanguaging in education and (b) Language policies in education.

The 2nd International CLC: 'Greek-Albanian Contact' was held in 2012 at the Tower of the Faculty of Education of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where researchers, speakers and participants focused on the integration aspects and policies adopted in Albanian schools and Greek schools, the research approaches regarding the contact between the Greek and the Albanian languages and educational matters in both countries.

The 1st International CLC: 'Learning beyond the classroom' was held in 2011 and it was addressed to organisations that offer lessons as a second language to immigrants, and immigrants organizations active in education for children and adults; the communication between the University and the various groups active in the field of language education outside the formal school context; and the emergence of individual initiatives of migrant groups on the issue of preserving their languages and the corresponding enhancement of academic research. Its objectives focused on the promotion of contact between Greek and Arab culture, under the initiative of the Ministry of Culture "Thessaloniki: Crossroads of Cultures" with a focus in 2011 on the Middle East.

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Publications of the proceedings of the Conferences have been released for the attendees and participants, students, researchers, parents and volunteers.
Proceedings of the 1st CLC: Learning beyond the classroom here
Proceedings of the 2nd CLC: Greek-Albanian Contact here
Proceedings of the 3rd CLC: Issues of Bi/Multilingualism, Translanguaging & Language Policies in Education here
Proceedings of the 4th CLC: Multilingual Educational Approaches and Language Policies here

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